Friday, February 23, 2018

First Colony Mall

One time, we all went to the mall. While everyone was inside one of the stores, she was sitting on the benches outside and resting. How easy she could take a nap!

I didn't like the mall that much. I felt suffocated almost. I was standing by the bench where she was sitting. I look at her peacefully sitting. I stand there and feel the peace emanating from her. She smelled of a fragrance-- a sweet fragrance. I remember that feeling, I said to myself. This is how I felt whenever I was with them in the Philippines as a child. I was safe. Secure. Under God's blessing.

Sweet mangoes

It was still dusk and the whole town still sleeping. It was dark yet so peaceful. She softly whispers with the gray sky around, yet as she whispers there is light all around.

"I'm going to the palengke (dirty market)", she whispers. "I have to go early so I can get the best stuff." It was still 5 in the morning.

By 8:00 in the morning, I get up and hear the tricycle drop her off. She comes with fresh fruits and vegetables, sometimes crabs, oftentimes fish. She is happy when she got the best. And complain a little when another lady got ahead of her.

Image result for filipino mangoes

Everytime I see these, I think of you, Lola. I feel your love.
So human yet so divine. I thank God for you. And I thank God that you expressed Him to us, to all your grandchildren and children.

Jesus is Lord

Nikki: Lolo, do you believe Jesus is Lord?
Lolo: For sure!
Nikki: Let's call on the Lord
Together: Oh Lord Jesus! Oh Lord Jesus!
Nikki: Keng Tagalog
Together: O Panginoong Jesus! O Panginoong Jesus!